Nightflight x Affirmative with Action Karima F (all night long)

Karima F | MC Kaman | Jan Sverre
Affirmative action, an idea of equality that brought the forties out of the dark ages and became one of JFK’s lasting legacies has finally crawled its way into that last bastion of inequality, the DJ booth, where it will make its mark yet on a new generation marred by gender apartheid… the white male DJ. The brainchild of the Berlin- and Oslo-based house-DJ Karima F, «Affirmative Action» is a residency that seeks to give the unrepresented white male DJs their contested place in the European electronic music scene. Karima F says: Yes he can!
Karima F flies it solo for this edition of Affirmative Action, with MC Kaman popping on the first floor for his weekly Nightflight residency. Trawling the charts and the bargain bins for a night of pure indulgence. Ever the iconoclast, there’s no musical taboo that MC Kaman is willing to accommodate and the music in his record box is the music of an innocent youth, carefree and unperturbed by the opinion of others. There is no irony to be found here… only a good time in the company of good popular music

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