Nightflight x Dimensions Soundsystem

Dimensions Soundsystem | Øyvind Morken | MC Kaman | Jan Sverre

The Dimensions Festival takes to the road, leaving the warmer climes of Croatia’s Adriatic sea to a few select venues in Europe, we’re they’ll be picking up DJs like Øyvind Morken to take back to the festival grounds. They’ve loaded the Dimensions Soundsystem on the bus and have made Jæger a stop on their route, where Øyvind Morken warms up for the soundsystem in our backyard while MC Kaman’s Nightflight pops in our basement. 

Nestled on a small peninsula in the Adriatic sea, Dimensions Festival is a retreat for the sincere electronic/club/urban music fan, a true escape from the pressures of everyday living for any discerning music head. Sun, sea, location and culture combine for one of the most exciting features on the festival calendar. Dimensions Soundsystem is the travelling representatives of the festival and bring a kaleidoscopic club sound to clubs and venues across Europe.  With a collective experience that’s seen them take the reins on some of the most respected dancefloors at the likes of Sub Club, Southport Weekender, Fabric, Corsica Studios and Sankey’s as well as across Europe and North America, Dimensions Soundsystem are flexible to any environment.  

As DJs, their influences span a breadth of underground beats from the past four decades, ranging from disco, funk and soul through to deeper side of house and techno, taking in the renowned flavours of Chicago and Detroit alongside more exotic climates. With one eye firmly on the party as well as a passion for forging forward with fresh sounds, expect dancefloor killers with a few surprising curve balls in the mix too.

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