Nightflight x Honey Soundsystem

Honey Soundsystem | MC KAMAN | Jan Sverre

San Francisco DJ collective and party outfit, Honey Soundsystem goes head to head with Nightflight to give us a peak at what makes them the enduring west coast phenomenon they’ve become.

Inspired by pivotal gay underground parties, Honey Soundsystem offered a take on dance music in direct opposition to what was blaring on mainstream club speakers. Timeless sounds, iconic imagery, the complete look, indulgent behavior, and most of all, attractive men are the foundations on which Honey Soundsystem was built. They honour the origins of club culture and these fundamental building blocks and keep the spirit of Mancuso, Levan, Hardy and Knuckles alive through their relentless party and touring schedule. Record labels have been formed such as Honey’s flagship HNYTRX, Discaire, and Cheon’s Dark Entries in this spirit and together they have gone on to DJ critically acclaimed sets in New York, DC, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles and Philadelphia as well as internationally, in Montreal, Vancouver, Berlin, London, Paris, and even the far reaches of Shanghai. Honey are constantly meditating on the historical past in order to inform the future. One can only imagine what the future will bring as the boys continue to grow, hone, and discover what is within reach and possible with their combined talents.

They have our basement for one night while MC Kaman pops and Jan Sverre Funks in our late night courtyard through our other Funktion one system.

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