Oslo World & Jæger pres.: Shkoon

Shkoon | Ra-shidi

Singer Ameen Khayr, violin player Maher Alkadi and producer and keyboard player Thorben Tüdelkopf met in Hamburg. They became acquainted through friends and informal kitchen jams gave way to a strong, intuitive musical partnership – Shkoon.

The trio comes from different musical backgrounds and developed their own signature mixing arabic scales and traditional folk songs with classical harmonic structures – Oriental melodies partner up with occidental electronics. Piano, violin, synthesizers, percussion and vocals find their new home in oriental Slow-House. Shkoon wants to introduce old songs, which they still consider relevant, for new audiences. 

Live, Shkoon makes plenty of room for improvisation, finding moments that resonate with their rapidly expanding avid fan base, both in and outside club music circles.

Ra-shidi is Olivia Rashidi from Tromsø. With a percussive and groovy style, she describes her mix of tunes as “dreamy and hot, hard and soft. And all things good”, you’ll hear influences of ethnic drums and old school gritty noise. Ra-shidi is flexibility herself, and she finds inspiration in all odd sounds and beats to move her dancers from static to dynamic.

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