Oslo World Music Festival: Nightflight invites Blade & Beard

Blade & Beard | MC Kaman | Jan Sverre

Once a year the musical world ascends on to Oslo from all four corners of the globe to celebrate the regions often overlooked by the western hemisphere. The Oslo World Music Festival sets the stage for new and established artists, bringing together many famous names for a 5-day musical festival whose intentions spread beyond the realm of entertainment. OWMF presents music from around the world, with special focus on Asia, Africa and Latin America with the purpose of the festival focussed on artistic quality and social engagement. Every year Jæger too takes part in OWMF’s nocturnal activities looking to highlight new and established talent from the more unlikely corners of the electronic music world. OWMF teams up with our weekly residencies for one week in early November, with Untzdag, Retro, Frædag and Nightflight residents bringing DJs together that most accurately define their individuality.

In Iran, partying is a political statement. In the context of the country’s infamously strict cultural laws, Blade & Beard have defied all odds to bring Techno to Tehran and establish a scene for electronic music in the Iranian capital and exporting a uniquely Iranian sound from the region. Blade & Beard are Tehran’s underground electronic scene. Dodging arrests for selling their own music, while travelling the world, they have brought their political ideology to the larger world playing some of the world’s leading festivals and club stages. 

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