Oslo World & RETRO pres. Kampire

Kampire – DJ | Daniel Gude

Ugandan DJ, Kampire is on the RETRO tip with resident DJ, Daniel Gude. Finding that narrow space between nostalgia and the contemporary with a distinctly African take on electronic music, Kampire juggles the familiar with the incipient for the purpose of the party. She is part of the Nyege Nyege collective and label who have spread the Ugandan sound across borders. Daniel Gude’s RETRO sets the tone for Kampire as Oslo’s and Jæger’s weekly night holding up a candle to the legacy of its unsung heroes and future tastemakers. 

#worldmusic #house #afro 


Kampire is a core member of Kampala’s Nyege Nyege collective. She’s one of East Africa’s most exciting young DJs, travelling outside Uganda to play festivals in Europe, UK, Burkina Faso and Democratic Republic Of Congo. Her sets of bass-heavy music are inspired by her upbringing in a mining town along Zambia’s copper belt, where she listened to Congolese music and African pop.

2018 Highlights include: Sonar Festival, Le Sucre Lyon, Atlas Electronic Marakesh, Nuits Sonores Brussels, Unsound Festival, Dada Beijing, Dada Shanghai.

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