JM#091 – Phillip Hinz

Phillip Hinz steps out of his Sunday residency and into the Jæger mix to deliver a set for a lounge setting and it went a bit energetic. […]

Jokke’s Shed Essentials

Void DJ and Jæger resident picks some of his Shed essentials leading up to the this Friday. […]

Album of the Week: LNS – LNS-1

LNS-1 is a also great example of the song-writing prowess of the Canadian producer and DJ that has all the markings of moving over to the album format.  […]

Øyvind Morken releases My Computer is acting Strange

Øyvind Morken's first record in two years comes out via UK label Mysticisms. […]

Ivaylo airs mix on Sleepless

Keeping it deep, but effervescent, Ivaylo laid down a set, with a signature Ivaylo touch. […]

Mix of the Week – Traxx

DJ Traxx recorded live at Smartbar in Chicago plays us into the weekend. […]

Deliver or Die with Konstantin Sibold

Talking to Konstantin Sibold before his set at Jæger we discuss Stuttgart, his precocious start in music and how he prepares for a set. […]