No Fillers, only Killers with Delfonic

We chat to Markus Lindner aka Delfonic about the record store's lasting appeal, distribution, Berling, buying - and playing records. […]

JM#036 – Tellstroem

Tellstroem joins thew Æmix list with a thematic mix that explores the gritty, melodic side of 90's Techno. […]

Baya – Behind the Mask

Tracking the history of Baya and Gla from it's origins in the Ivory coast to Oslo and Harlem. […]

In the Booth with Bill Brewster

Listen back to Bill Brewster in our booth from Saturday for a great selection of good music. […]

Album of the Week: Baya – Oslo – Harlem

Baya's Olso - Harlem is a rich collage of musical influences coming together through a strong narrative and visual accompaniment. […]

Bill Brewster: The Archivist

We talk to Bill Brewster about Punk, writing a sequel to Last night a DJ saved my Life and music and DJing culture in the age of the Internet. […]

JM#035 – Ivaylo

Jæger mix resident Ivaylo takes the helm in this latest edition of the Æmix with some new music from him and his label Bogota records prominently featured. […]