The cut with Filter Musikk

“Figure doesn’t often release very interesting music,” says Roland Lifjell about this release, “so it’s good to see that they’ve released something that’s ok”. […]

Album of the week: Bugge Wesseltoft and Prins Thomas

Between the extensive layers of context, concept and execution, this album makes a significant contribution that will certainly mark a point of reference in contemporary music going forward. […]

Øya Natt 2108: Nightflight & Affirmative Action with Avalon Emerson

Pictures from the lat night of Øya Natt 2018 with Karima F, Avalon Emerson and MC Kaman. […]

In Pictures: Øya Natt 2018 – Frædag x Filter Musikk with Etapp Kyle and Kobosil

Pictures from last night's party with Frædag x Filter Musikk and not featuring Etapp Kyle and Kobosil. […]

Mix of the Week – Tod Louie

A Live and unfettered mix from Tod Louie, recorded live at Club Der Visionaere […]

In Pictures: Øya Natt 2018 – Retro pres.: Bjarki, Sassy J and Charlotte Bendiks

Photos from last night party with Retro with Charlotte Bendiks, Daniel Gude, Sassy J and Bjarki. […]

Karima F selects Avalon Emerson

Karima F picks through her favourite Avalon Emerson moments ahead of Affirmative Action. […]