Album of the week: Various – Lifesaver 3

Live at Robert Johnson are back in the recorded- and physical format with Lifesaver 3. […]

Into the Episode in Pictures

A look back to Into the Episode with Frædag, DVS1 and Johanna Knutsson. […]

Greetings from Jæger

Oh Hello. Here's a preview of what we have in store at Jæger for summer 2017. […]

JM#050 – Ole Martin

Ole Martin takes us into the second half century of the Jæger Mix series. […]

An old acquaintance with Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda

We catch up with Harvey Sutherland who's back at Jæger with Bermuda tonight. […]

An Intense Obsession with Johanna Knutsson

Johanna Knutsson fields some questions on career changes, the DJ/Producer divide, and ambient music. […]

Album of the week: Chmmr – Auto

Chmmr's Auto finally makes it onto our shelf as the album of the week. […]