JM#110 – Danby Choi

A carefree DJ with a sincere musical knowledge and a sunny disposition. Those attributes very rarely come together in one person, but Danby Choi is an exception to the rule. […]

The Cut with Filter Musikk

An Optimo remix that reminds us of the good ole times, Zarate Fix and Sotofett, more power from Bjarki and a local hero makes this week's cut with Filter Musikk. […]

Exploring different fields with Psyk as Maan

A Q&A with Manuel Anós as Maan where he talks about his evolution as an artist and finding a balance between his aliases. […]

Album of the week: Helena Hauff – Qualm

Elements of Acid, Techno and Electro all gather in the confluence of Helena Hauff's musical personality, but the way they are directed through her previous records and now "Qualm" can only exists as they do here. […]

Profile: Kenny Larkin

An introduction to the sounds of Kenny Larkin. […]

JM#109 – Einar Idsøe Eidvåg

Einar Idsøe Eidvåg is this week's Jæger guest and offers us a glimpse at his varied disco bag. […]

Album of the Week: Broken English Club

Oliver ho continues to push the envelope with his Broken English Club alias and his latest LP for L.I.E.S. […]