Album of the Week: Frankie Knuckles – Ultimate Production

Trax records puts out a new compilation defining early Frankie Knuckles and early House. […]

Mix of the Week – Ivaylo

An off-beat mix for the Jaeger mix resident DJ and Bogota records label boss Ivaylo. […]

Global Underground 1996 -1999: The DJ mixes that defined the DJ as an artist

Between 1996 and 1999, Global Underground reflected the expansion of electronic music across the globe and helped create the Superstar DJ phenomenon that lives on today. […]

JM086 – Jeff Niels

Jeff Niels is able to find that fleeting balance between entertainment, function and appreciation yet again in this week's episode of the Æmix. […]

A Q&A with Terre Thaemlitz (DJ Sprinkles) – Part 2

We take up the conversation after Thaemlitz makes clear her views on the artistic and cultural institutions and Ruby posing more universal questions about the artists work and career. […]

Album of the Week: Gundelach – Baltus

Baltus breaks no new ground in the Gundelach sound, but rather fortifies what was first established on the EP, cementing the career of a pop artist on the rise.  […]

Mix of the Week – Tod Louie

An exotic mix with traces of organic instruments tracing a line through familiar club arrangements, this mix finds Tod Louie in a reflective, meditative disposition. […]