Out of Quarantine and in to Dust – Laurel Halo through the albums

From Quarantine to Dust we take a journey through Laurel Halo's discography. […]

JM#084 – DJ Hamburger

DJ Hamburger launching straight in to a upbeat, uptempo mix for this week's episode of the Jæger mix. […]

Album of the Week: Nightmares on Wax – Shape the Future

Shape the Future is an album with remarkable cross-over appeal without bastardising or fetishising the roots-sound of Nightmares on Wax.  […]

Frædag invites DJ Sprinkles

G-Ha & Olanskii extend an invitation to a DJ icon, DJ Sprinkles performs after presenting the new work Deproduction at Kunstnernes Hus. […]

Mix of the Week – KSMISK

Recorded in Jæger's basement during the first LYD showcase, is a live performance from Oslo's latest intergalactic Techno voyeur, KSMISK. […]

Do it Yourself: A guide to Brooklyn’s New Wave

A guide to a new wave of electronic music from Brooklyn featuring, No-Tech, Bookworms, Via-App and Aurora Halal. […]

JM#083 – Olefonken

This week on the Jæger mix, Olefonken gives us a liquid mix that spans a vast music universe. […]