Let it Simmer with the Hubbabubbaklubb

Let it simmer: The incredibly nuanced story of the Hubbabubbaklubb and their debut LP, drømmen drømmerne drømmer. […]

JM#118 – Joystick Jay

Joystick Jay delivers a very curious episode to this week's Jæger mix and answers some questions about the debut hubbububbaklubb LP and much more. […]

Frædag x Filter Musikk invites Ben Sims and Manoid LIVE

Filter Musikk is back with techno legend Ben Sims and newcomer Manoid presiding. […]

Espen T. Hangård – Primær

Espen Hangård trades in the guitar and microphone for synthesisers and drum machines in his debut as an electronic music producer with a sincere electro album, Primær. […]

Having it all with Ra-Shidi

An in-depth interview with rapidly rising Tromsø star Ra-Shidi, talking about dugnadsånden Tromsø's musical legacy and her own development as a DJ. […]

Charlotte Bendiks delivers Phantasymix

Erol Alkan lures Charlotte Bendiks over to his Phantasy for the label and blog's mix series.  […]

House music stole my heart with Da Capo

I fell in love with house then I started producing it. It literally stole my heart. […]