An unlikely pair with Kūn

Kūn is a multi-generational, intercontinental, multi-skilled DJ duo out Lausanne in Switzerland and residents at Folklor. We called them up to find out more about them. […]

Album of the week: Susumu Yokota – Acid Mt. Fuji

Re-issued for the first time since it was first released in 1994, Susumu Yokota's Acid Mt. Fuji lives on in infamy today as a a surreal, abstract landscape in psychedelic hues with Mt. Fuji looming in the distance. […]

Just Listen with Philipp Boss

For me it’s about having a party, not about making super sophisticated future sounds – Introducing Philipp Boss, the latest talent to emerge out of Frankfurt. […]

JM#121 – Kompressorkanonen

After some persuasion and some subliminal coercing on my part, we finally get Kompressorkanonen to the Jæger mix and, like always,he doesn’t disappoint. […]

No Agenda with Marius Circus

Marius circus talks about his newfound productivity in the studio, covering Lindstrøm's I feel space and his In the Garden label. […]

Ni kjappe med Zweizz

Vi tok en prat med mannen bak Zweizz. Zweizz spiller en bråkete og larmende type ulyd som lages ved hjelp av hovedsakelig elektroniske duppeditter. […]

Ni kjappe med Silje Huleboer

Hva Silje Huleboer har med seg i sekken på Sprekken kommer vi kjappt til å finne ut. Vi sendte over ni kjappe spørsmål til denne musikalske formskifter.   Vi tok en prat med Silje Huleboer innfor konserten på Den Gyldne Sprekk 4.desember. […]