The Cut with Filter Musikk

Open the door to the chime of an analogue bell and step through the portal. You have now entered the Filter Musikk zone. Baba Stiltz, Secret Squirrel, Benedikt Frey, Privacy and more Finnish electro on this week's The Cut. […]

Beyond the hype with DJ Seinfeld

From Lo-Fi to DJ Kicks to Malmö and beyond, we caught up with DJ Seinfeld for a chat ahead of his appearance at Jæger. […]

Album of the week: Detroit Swindle – High Life

On "High Life" Detroit Swindle hardly mess with perfection, but they coerce it into the album format and a new level of depth to their sound. […]

Presenting Sex Judas featuring Ricky and the Moist

Presenting Sex Judas featuring Ricky and the Moist: Four years on with Sex Judas we talk to Tore Gjedrem. […]

JM#107 – Vibeke Bruff

A floating mix from the recent Burn resident with our usual Q&A for Vibeke Bruff's Æmix. […]

Album of the Week: Kamaal Williams – The Return

Kamaal Williams signifies the return of cool on his debut "The Return". […]

Mix of the Week: Tommy Four Seven

Tommy Four Seven gives us an industrialised vision of the world in his mix for RA. […]