Tickets for Hubbas Klubb with Ross From Friends is available now

Limited tickets are available now for Hubbas Klubb with Ross from Friends through Ticketmaster. […]

Album of the Week: Hubbabubbaklubb – Drømmen drømmerne drømmer

Hubbabubbaklubb's debut LP finally arrives on our turntable with all the markings of a timeless classic. […]

From the Soul with Mono Junk

Talking from the soul, we interview, Kimmo Rapatti as Mono Junk during a performance at Kafé Hærverk. […]

JM#114 – August

We pick up our conversation with August from his last Jæger mix. […]

The Cut with Filter Musikk – The nearly Norwegian Halloween special

It's a Norwegian invasion this week at Filter with music from Telephones, Fett Burger, Velferd and Kahuun. […]

A radical shift with Hugo LX

We talk radical musical shifts, eclectic musical influences and future works with Hugo LX.  […]

Album of the week: Death Grips – Year of the Snitch

Death Grips delivers yet another erratic onslaught of electronic punk on their latest album, Year of the Snitch. […]