The Cut with Filter Musikk

Another week, another batch of new arrivals for us to paw over at Filter Musikk […]

Album of the Week: EOD – Named

UIDM – unintelligible dance music. Unintelligible, yet completely mesmerising.  […]

Mix of the Week – Lucy

Dip into this deep, Techno mix from Lucy for the Truancy mix series. […]

MC Kaman picks his odd Metalheadz favourites

MC Kaman takes us through the subdued landscape of Metalheadz at downtempo, and gets sidetracked with movie clips. […]

JM#104 – Ra-Shidi

A dreamy and hot, hard and soft mix from Tromsø DJ Ra-Shidi. […]

Regis and Downwards: Sex and Ritual

A profile on the career of Regis and his label, Downwards. […]

The cut with Filter Musikk

These are the records that will live on in record collections and record bags all over the city […]