In the booth with Ivaylo

We get a moment in the booth with Jæger Mix resident Ivaylo before the weekend with an ambient and broken beat mix to ease us into it. […]

People still call me Roxy with rRoxymore

I’ve always had this idea (now it might not sound so new) to have this organic sound mixed with a very rigid structure that comes from a computer. […]

Profile on Midland

From House to Disco and even his early afro influences, Midland is a distinct musical entity in electronic music today, that goes way beyond Final Credits. […]

The Cut with Filter Musikk

Always grinding our teeth on the latest mind bending series of minatres oozing into Filter Musikk, whatever that means. […]

Album of the week: Marquis Hawkes – The Marquis of Hawkes

It's an album of Marquis Hawkes doing what he does best... making bold, potent House music.  […]

Let it Simmer with the Hubbabubbaklubb

Let it simmer: The incredibly nuanced story of the Hubbabubbaklubb and their debut LP, drømmen drømmerne drømmer. […]

JM#118 – Joystick Jay

Joystick Jay delivers a very curious episode to this week's Jæger mix and answers some questions about the debut hubbububbaklubb LP and much more. […]