Energy, Space and More with Roi Perez

Panorama Bar / Berghain resident Roi Perez answers our questions on the being queer in Tel Aviv, DJing and buying records. […]

Karl Fraunhofer on Outrun to Santa Cruz

Hear two new tracks from Det Gode Selskab affiliate and Synth Wizard, Karl Fraunhofer. […]

At Work with Nick Höppner

Talking to Nick Höppner at work about his latest LP, his creative energy and his upcoming appearance at Jæger for Ostgut Ton Nacht. […]

LCD Soundsystem – american dream

LCD Soundsystem is brough out of retirement for this monumental homage to endings... this might just be it. […]
08 september

A mysterious e-mail appeared in my inbox. “Sassy 009 -pretty baby” in the subjectline.

Our Poet laureate, MC Kaman, gets a what appears to be an email. But it's much more find out here... […]

Not watching, Listening – An interview with G-Ha

A long overdue interview with the Sunkissed- and Jæger resident G-Ha. […]

JM#061 – Kamelkollektivet

Cruising through the desert of inextricable feeling and ineffable dreams, the dromedary duo Kamelkollektivet, approach this week's Jæger mix with a lucid tentativeness. […]