In the Booth with Olle Abstract

We're in the booth with Olle Abstract for a special energetic 4-hour House-set that will the soundtrack for our week ahead. […]

Album of the Week: Tornado Wallace – Lonely Planet

Tornado Wallace's debut album, Lonely Planet is our album of the week. […]

Off the Score with Hilde Marie Holsen

The Formant goes off-script and off-score in this Q&A session with Hilde Marie Holsen. […]

JM#034 – diskJokke

Listen back to diskJokke in this latest edition of the Æmix. […]

In another room: A Q&A with Stian Balducci

We talk to Stian Balducci about ambient music, improvisation and Techno, and finding the balance between all those worlds. […]

Amp Fiddler comes to Jæger in March

Amp Fiddler confirmed for Jæger Oslo the 17th of March. […]

Listen: Bill Brewster’s latest DJ History Podcast

Listen back to Bill Brewster's DJ History podcast from the weekend featuring the new hubbabubbaklubb track Tommer Lommer […]