Karoline “Karolinski” Hegrenes is making deep impressions in the Scandinavian music firmament with sounds that channel dubby echoes from Norwegian forests through modern Techno rhythms. Ever since releasing her debut single and LP in 2017, she has been a restless figure that has taken the form of producer, label owner, DJ and live performer, and has transported her and her music from a rural Norway hamlet just outside of Bergen to Oslo and into Europe.

Inspired by Norwegian nature, Karoline Hegrenes trained all her efforts becoming an electronic music artist, and all on her own terms. Her first single, Basic Frequency accompanied a skydiving video by the national Norwegian team that brought her music to the wide world. She released the single via her newly established FJORDFJELLOGDALER (FFDR) label and soon followed it up with an LP that found the favour of some notable tastemakers in Norway and further afield.

Dub arrangements and frosty synthetic textures channeled into minimalist Techno aesthetic lures listeners over to her music while her live shows keeps them engaged. Shortly after releasing her debut LP, she relocated to Oslo, where she joined Jaeger as a resident and became a regular fixture on the scene playing live shows and sets at places like Jaeger, Skatten, Kulturhuset, Khartoum and many more, leading a way to the international club circuit where the world awaits the trippy sounds of Karolinski. 


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