RETRO pres. Jamie 3:26

Jamie 3:26 (BBE, Rush Hour, US) | Daniel Gude 

The past and the future of Chicago House come together in an event. RETRO speeds ahead into the distance with an eye on the rearview mirror. The weekly residency by Daniel Gude holds up a candle to the legacy of electronic club music to light the way forward into the future, Finding that narrow space between nostalgia and the contemporary, Daniel Gude asks what could’ve been and what will be, diving into an immense record collection that spans into the tens of thousands and on this occasion he will be joined by Jamie 3:26, the embodiment of  the ideologies of RETRO and House music. amie 3:26 is an important figure in the legacy and future of this culture and music.

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Hailing from the Beverly area on the South Side of Chicago, Jamie 3:26 has garnered recognition in his own right as a master selector capable of lighting any dance floor on fire.

Driven by the deep desire to make people lose themselves in the dance and forget their problems, Jamie keeps his irons burning hot. He always seeks out new and fresh sounds. It could be an overlooked gem from 30 years ago or a new jam and as long as it has a great groove, he’s interested. Anyone who has seen Jamie 3:26 play can testify to the effect he has on a dancefloor – he is a true force of nature.

2018 has seen Jamie 3:26 take his career to a new a level, touring globally with a consistency matched by few others on the circuit and is revered by clubs and festivals all over. Recent remixes on ‘Heist’ have gathered huge support and his classic ‘Hit It N Quit It’ was released on the revered ‘Salsoul’ records. Jamie recently had the honour of headlining Boiler Room’s ‘Final Night In Paradise’ extravaganza – a unique homage to Larry Levan and the scene he created. This truly demonstrates to the world how highly he is regarded and his current status in the scene. He not only captures the past of those eras gone by but he is also the future of Chicago House music.


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