RETRO pres. Nicky Siano’s Hallelujah Disco feat. Traces

Nicky Siano | Traces Gospel Choir | Daniel Gude
Disco innovator, Nicky Siano rolls back the clock to take us back to the origins of it all. The Studio 54 and Gallery resident re-imagines the club as a place of worship for an event that will transport us to ecclesial heights in the reverential glow of Nicky Siano’s legacy and the legacy of House and Disco. Preaching the gospel, the Traces join Siano on this spiritual journey through the history of club and dance music, after which he takes his position in the booth for a DJ set.
HALLELUJAH DISCO is a multimedia gospel musical that navigates the audience through the New York City Stonewall riots and the subsequent birth of DISCO. The Stonewall riots, which took place in 1969, forced the NYC liquor-licensing bureau to change a sexually discriminatory law. A licensed NYC bar could not allow two people of the same sex to dance together within their establishment. This law bred
corruption that allowed MAFIA organizations to own all the dance establishments up until that year. From STONEWALL to STUDIO 54 tells the stories of the era through the eyes of the author and last major surviving participant, Nicky Siano.
As Nicky speaks his truth, we follow along visually with rare footage from the riots and the NYC club scene. Interviews with David Mancuso and Frankie Knuckles, both club scene legends, pepper the experience with their words and stories. Confetti cannons and mirrored balls highlight the finale that brings the house to their feet dancing and singing along!
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Presented by RETRO and Daniel Gude, Nicky Siano’s Hallelujah Disco is an entertaining jaunt through the Disco era and Nicky Siano’s early career as a DJ soundtracked by the gospel sounds that informed the scene. Norwegian gospel Choir Traces perform these pieces as Siano narrates the story of Disco from his unique perspective. RETRO resident Daniel Gude completes our lineup for the weekly residency that holds up a candle to the legacy of its unsung heroes and future tastemakers. Finding that narrow space between nostalgia and the contemporary, Daniel Gude asks what could’ve been and what will be, diving into an immense record collection that spans into the tens of thousands.
Nicky Siano is a globally recognised DJ, master of disco and celebrated resident of the legendary Gallery in New York, that went on to inspire the Garage and Studio 54. Very much part of the earliest waves of club culture, Nicky is a true pioneer who truly changed the face of the New York party scene and remains a veritable icon of the scene.
Still touring the world and playing to sold out crowds, he is one of the few remaining pioneers of the 70s still kicking it in the big league. As well as playing at the much loved Studio 54, Nicky opened and designed and worked as resident DJ at The Gallery in New York, and is credited with fomenting many DJ techniques such as beat matching, designing the first crossover mixer and club bass horns.
He was a genuinely inspirational DJ and club owner who has been heralded by Time Out, DJ Times and New York Magazine for his contribution to the scene and hosts his own popular podcast each week.Nicky has also mixed and recorded more than 30 records and in November 2016, he started a new event Native New Yorker at Black Flamingo, as well as putting out some brand new edits on the Morgan Ave label.

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