Subjekt & Jæger pres. Romjulskonsert with Svømmebasseng


Away from the gluttonous consumption of the christmas dinner table and the awkward family engagements where an embrace always lasts that uncomfortable second too long, comes a barely-audible burrr from Oslo’s beating heart. It calls to you like a siren’s song, a large flickering arrow lighting your exit; offering you a way out from the mundane conversation, the opulent display of hyperbolic consumerism and the tepid versions of the pseudo happiness that every christmas brings. 

MC Kaman’s christmas tree flickers with its last breath under the strain of our basement sound system where Øyvind Morken has taken root to kicked off our annual Romjulsfestivalen.

In a new tradition with Norwegian media outlet Subjekt, Jæger bring you a week-long program to abscond from the stale traditions of the holiday season and lose yourself in the welcomed embrace of a Funktion One system and a playlist selected by Øyvind Morken, G-Ha & Olanskii, MC Kaman, Skranglejazz, Boogienetter, Svømmebasseng and Raggabalder and their guests.

Somewhere between the stage and the dance floor a musical entity exists that is constantly striving to narrow that divide where the inconsistencies of these worlds cease to exist. That musical entity is Svømmebasseng; a band whose disco-infused synth music is made from the same stuff that pulses through any club floor, channeled through a group of dedicated musicians to form a congruous relationship between the entertaining, the functional and the visceral. When they are not on the stage they are at the decks for their club-informed Svømmebasseng events, introducing their audiences to the music, and the artists that have caught their collective ears.

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