Untzdag invites Suzanne Kraft

Suzanne Kraft (Rush Hour, Running Back, US) | Øyvind Morken (Moonlighting, Mysticisms, NO)

Untzdag Resident Øyvind Morken extemds an invitation to Suzanne Kraft for this Untzdag Xmas special.

Untzdag has been institution on Oslo’s nightlife since its inception with Øyvind Morken selecting the best there is to offer from the world, of Balearic, Afro, Disco, House, Electro and Techno. The Full Pupp affiliate and Moonlighting boss is the DJs DJ with a unique talent for reading an audience and finding that rare gem other DJs might be too hesitant to play. Often joined by a stellar international cast of guests Untzdag is for the serious clubbing enthusiast that needs that extra bit of encouragement to get over the halfway point of the week and into the weekend. Øyvind Morken often has dusty fingers on a Wednesday afternoon, picking through the records that other’s would have missed and when he puts them together in a mix, the journey is undetermined and the next track would be anyone’s guess.

“I don’t plan anything. I try to just feed off the energy,”

Artists that have played at Untzdag include: Theo Parrish, Levon Vincent, Mark E, Beautiful Swimmers, Mark Seven, Quarion, Ron Morelli, Mike Huckaby, Solomun, Prins Thomas, Justin Vandervolgen, Chmmr, A Guy Calld Gerald. Telephones, Matthew Dear, Mario Basanov, Azari & III, Classixx, Tomas Barfod, Tom Trago, DJ Strangefruit, Rick Wade, Young Marco, Lovefingers, Baris K, Sex Tags Mania`s DJ Sotofett & DJ Fett Burger, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Hunee, Chuggy, Floating Points, Antal, Lena Willikens, Tornado Wallace, Anthony Parasole, Harvey Sutherland, Ben UFO and Alexis Le-Tan.

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