Untzdag & Oslo World pres: Halloween with Hunee

Hunee (Rush Hour) | Øyvind Morken 

Øyvind Morken will be raising the dead for this edition of Untzdag when the venerable Hunee joins him the booth for this Halloween special. After some unforeseen circumstances denied him from us recently we called on the powers of the underworld and Oslo World to help us conjure the DJ for this event.

One of the most in-demand DJs in the world today, Hunee is known for his interdisciplinary mixing style that can go in any direction the night dictates and with a . The Rush Hour affiliate finds a kindred spirit in Øyvind Morken, so expect Afro, Synth Wave, House, Electro and Techno… expect the unexpected.

Hunee pretty much operates on his own terms, in his own world. He is a real musical explorer and his DJ sets have of course taken him all over the world from Aus to Asia, America to Europe, but they take listeners much further. As likely to draw for a classic house record as he is a disco curveball, a boogie delight or mixing an African bomb into a techno record, each selection he makes is a thing of true passion.

Hunee’s sole goal is to enrich the lives of listeners as much as possible. His own productions have always managed to do that, too. So far they have proven to be hugely considered and cultured things that have arrived on labels like Rush Hour, Future Times and W.T. Each one is different but each one has a certain kinked funk that puts them up there with the best of the rest.

Along the way Hunee takes inspiration from people who “live it to the max, to the bone” and considers himself to be just part of the way along a never-ending journey. Prepare yourself for some rare delights from this notoriously deep digger on the night.

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