Album of the week: Magnus International – Echo to Echo

What is it: Nu disco travelling back through time to nineties rave .
Who would play it: Øyvind Morken | Karima | Magnus International
When are you most likely to hear it: Anytime of the day.

Finding inspiration in the early nineties Techno of Aphex Twin and Claude Young, Magnus Interntaional’s debut LP features the kind of densely orchestrated synthetic textures of an early Carl Cox set, transported to the present through the effervescent Disco sound of Oslo and Full Pupp. Never a dull moment on the 11-track effort Echo to Echo brings together spacey synths, ratchety beats and popular forms in an album that can go from listening music to dance floor jams in the skip of a beat.

The gentle viking giant Magnus International is no stranger to the world of Disco where all these elements converge, and on this album, which was two years in the making, he shows the adept hand in the studio, that previously brought us tracks like “Das Magnus” and “Undulat”. He’s been touring the album vigorously of late with a special live performance and he is most certainly going to return to Jæger with Echo to Echo some time soon, while new music and remixes also can also be expected from the artist any time soon. You can read more about the album and Magnus’ influences, including wrestling and Arthur Russell in our interview with the artist earlier this year here.