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E&D x Oslo Pride

🏳️‍🌈✨In honor of Pride Month, and in partnership with JM Norway, Skeiv Verden, Bobbys Hair & Cosmetics, Senter for interseksjonalitet and Kalunji040, E&D is gonna be part of this year´s Oslo Pride🎉.
We´ve put together a program that will add the extra #BlackFolksMagic and #BlackFolksSoulHealth on the parade. It is all taking place on the last day of the pride week in the backyard and the basement of the amazing club; Jæger.
Kl. 18.00-19.00: East african food, Mingel & BANJEE on the decks
Kl. 19:00- 20:00 Panel discussion: The Intersectionality of Blackness and Queerness moderated by Winnie Nyheim-Jomisko
Kl. 20:45- 21:30 R&B Quiz w/ BANJEE & Miriam Nabunya (E&D Founder)
* Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd runner uppers 🙂.
Kl. 22.00-23.00 LIVE concert w/ JULIE CHIKANE (SWE/GN/CH) & Adama Janlo(Support)
Other activities
– ON SITE Special offer: Early bird Tickets to the official E&D Afro Nordic Hair, Arts and Culture Celebration on october 27th at Sentralen. Nok 500,-
– Prizes to be won for a value of Nok 3000,-
– Limited Edition Edges and Drinks Merch
– Press wall
– E&D information desk (Get to know us better)
CATERING will be a taste of East Africa by Auma´s Bites & Flavours

Step into the vibrant world of Afro-Latin sensation, Julie Chikane, where music, dance, and cultural fusion collide to create an unforgettable experience. Known for her electrifying performances alongside music icons like Robyn, Kaliffa, and Syster Sol, Julie Chikane is a powerhouse on the Swedish festival scene, captivating audiences with her dynamic stage presence.

Hailing from a rich heritage that blends Chilean and Ghanaian roots with influences from her upbringing in Rosengård, Sweden, Julie’s music is a tapestry of diverse sounds and rhythms that reflect her unique background. As a respected dancer and driving force behind one of Sweden’s premier dance schools, Julie’s journey to the spotlight as a solo artist began in 2021 when she stepped into the recording studio to share her musical vision with the world.

Immerse yourself in the infectious energy of Julie Chikane’s Afro-Latin genre, where each beat resonates with the soulful essence of her heritage. With a performance style that seamlessly fuses dance expertise with a deep love for her musical roots, Julie Chikane delivers a one-of-a-kind experience that will leave you craving more. Don’t miss your chance to be swept away by the magic of Julie Chikane at the next festival – an experience that will linger in your memory long after the music fades.


The multi-talented Adama Janlo is a firecracker of a vocalist, and has been referred to as “the most powerful and energetic soul voice” by music journalist Rolf E. Wulluf. She operates within blues, r&b and neo soul. Last year she released her debut EP “Misaligned”, which received 10/10 from Musikknyheter, and held a sold-out release concert at Kulturhuset the same evening. A few months before that, she played to a full house at Uhørt, where she had her first intimate concert.

This year, Janlo released her single “Overcome”, and once again played to a full house during her release concert at Oslo Camping on April 26th. She also debuted as an actor in the Norwegian Opera Ballett in the play “My Story: Hope Road 56 Revisited”, written by director Cliff Mustache, and staged by Nordic Black Theatre. Janlo has plans to release more music before 2024 finishes.

ABOUT Edges and Drinks (E&D)
The origin of “Edges and Drinks” is based on the personal self discovery journey of founder Miriam Nabunya. Rooted from traumas connected to her hair, blackness and lack of belonging in the Nordic environment, Miriam started to share her story. She soon learnt that although her story was unique her traumas were not. She therefor created Edges and Drinks as an environment where black and brown women and black and brown non-binaries could feel seen, valued and celebrated. 3 years down the road E&D has become a social movement focused on the black nordic experience and advancement to build confidence, connection and exchange of experiences.
From only arranging one event per year during Black History Month Norway, there have been more actives this year. Such as monthly community gatherings (What´s Good Sis!), Live sessions every wednesday on FB and IG and registrations only Zoom sessions with input from experts in self leadership, mental health research, psychology and social work. Find out more on www.edgesanddrinks.com.