Frædag: Anthony Rother + Alienata

Anthony Rother (Hybrid Electro Set) |  Alienata |  Robomatic (live) | g-HA & Olanskii

Booming kick drums and off-beat snares rattle the basement as Electro comes to Jaeger. From the depths of Drexciya’s Black Atlantis to the outer-rim of our sonic galaxy, Frædag hosts a night of Electro from the basement. Anthony Rother, Alienata and Robomatic supply the sonic foundation, travelling from the quintessential Electro into bordering realms through the monumental system in the basement. g-HA & Olanskii holds down the fort from the sauna, where they offer the antithesis with some Disco, House and minimal Tech. 

Sauna: g-HA & Olanskii
Diskon: Anthony Rother (Hybrid Electro Set) +  Alienata + Robomatic (live)



cc: 150kr / free before 22:00

Tickets available here

Anthony Rother

Anthony Rother was described as an influential visionary, an electro pioneer and one of electronic music’s most prolific producers. For more than two decades Rother aggregated a vast musical canon that reflects his unique career as a sound researcher exploring the aesthetics far beyond the boundaries of electro, techno and pop music. His influence on German’s electro scene is insurmountable today legendary datapunk imprint to rest, he returned in 2017 with new releases and an enigmatic Hybrid set that he travels the world with. 


Spanish-born, Berlin-based Alienata is a self-described sound obsessive whose sets span obscure electro, ACID, dub, IDM, dark disco, jakbeat, hypnotic techno, industrial atmospheres, Detroit, Chicago influences and crazy sounds in general.

When behind the decks, Alienata is closely attuned to both internal and external influences, and is unconcerned with providing listeners with an outstanding and energetic experience. It is not strange that legends like Dave Clarke (who recently played a B2B in ADE) DJ Stingray, Ben Sims have expressed all their support and respect for her.

Robomatic (live)

Robin Crafoord  (Truls & Robin) does electro. The DJ packs a bag of 808 beats and sci-fi melodies as Robotic, the alias he reserves for his Elektro Romantic events. the first and last name in all things Electro in Oslo, Robotic can go from a set of decks to creating alien landscapes in the digital realm through a Eurorack for his live performances.