Black Loops

Frædag: Black Loops + Skatebård

Black Loops | Skatebård | g-HA & Olanskii 

Can you feel it… 10kW of unadulterated bass. Jack is back in the basement as Frædag moves from the cold starkness of Techno back to the  warm confines of House music. Anticipating spring, g-HA & Olanskii invite the budding talents of German House music producer and DJ Black Loops to the basement while local legend Skatebård covers the sauna. 

Sauna: g-HA + Skatebård 
Basement: Olanskii + Black Loops

#house #disco #balearic #deep 

ID: 20
cc: 150kr / 200kr / free before 22:00

Tickets available here

Black Loops

Riccardo Paffetti aka Black Loops has built himself a solid reputation as one of House music’s most creative and progressive producers. Recognizing his momentum and high-quality releases, Traxsource named Black Loops #1 Deep House Artist of 2017. Black Loops influences stem from genres such as funk, soul, and disco, while his style is similar to the sound of the 90’s UK House movement and early 00’s NY House. In regards to his discography, Black Loops has released 7 EP’s on the respected German House Record label Toy Tonics, and also released noteworthy EP’s on Neovinyl Recordings, Pets Recordings, Freerange, Classic Music Company and Good Ratio.


Skatebård, the Norwegian producer of all things electronic. Connoisseurs know that his catalogue oscillates between emotional techno, neo-italo, electro from an alternative future and a Scando-cosmic reinterpretation of pure Detroitian house. Skatebård releases on labels like Digitalo Enterprises / Kompakt, Radius Records, Supersoul Recordings, Tellè Records, Keys of Life Finland, Luna Flicks, Totally and Sex Tags Mania.

g-HA & Olanskii

Two pivotal bodies in the sphere of Norwegian electronic music, g-HA & Olanskii are an event, a club, a DJ duo, and a musical authority for Norway. Individually adept as DJ, selectors and tastemaker, Ola “Olanskii” Smith-Simonsen and Geir “g-HA” Holger’s musical voices unified for Sunkissed, an events series that has become the backbone of Oslo’s electronic music scene and  beyond.