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Frædag x Djupet: Rødhåd + ATK.141 + Ivaylo

Rødhåd | ATK.141 | g-HA & Olanskii | Ivaylo (birthday boy) 

Dystopian sounds deliver a punishing blow. Lights flicker in time with a demanding pulse as a modern Techno legend takes on the wall of sound from the basement. Rødhåd comes to Jaeger, a visit facilitated by Djupet, who takeover Jaeger’s basement for their first time. They bring ATK.141 along for the ride in an event series that has brought some of Techno’s highest profiles to Oslo in recent years. On the other side of Frædag, g-HA & Olanskii preside over the sauna with Jaeger Mix resident and Jaeger stalwart Ivaylo, who celebrates a very special birthday on the night.

#techno #house

Sauna:  Ivaylo + g-HA & Olanskii
Basement: Rødhåd + ATK.141

ID: 20

cc: 150kr / free before 22:00
This event is free for personal assistants with the display of a valid “ledsagerbevis”. 


Rødhåd has been socialized by Berlin’s looptechno nights and always finds the perfect balance of timeless techno to lift the dancefloor higher and higher. His style is always deep, powerful and melancholic – from dub to techno and back to house. Now an established force in contemporary Techno, Mike Bierbach, better known under his stage name Rødhåd is someone who has seriously put in the work. At a time where the Berlin scene was heavily oversaturated by fluffy, miscellaneous dance music, he & his peers set out to form a platform for real techno. The reception to this was raucous. Although he has lauded productions and remixes to his name, DJing is his true forte. With an album, several EPs & remixes for a multitude of different artists under his belt, Rødhåd the producer has received equal praise as Rødhåd the DJ. Dystopian has hosted most of his releases, but in 2018 he founded a new label WSNWG that serves as a home for collaborative productions, excavated in sessions at his East-Berlin studio with his peers such as Rene Wise, Lucy, Lady Starlight, Fadi Mohem, Alex.Do, & Antigone.

g-HA & Olanskii

Two pivotal bodies in the sphere of Norwegian electronic music, g-HA & Olanskii are an event, a club, a DJ duo, and a musical authority for Norway. Individually adept as DJ, selectors and tastemaker, Ola “Olanskii” Smith-Simonsen and Geir “g-HA” Holger’s musical voices unified for Sunkissed, an events series that has become the backbone of Oslo’s electronic music scene and  beyond.


Jaeger resident and Full Pupp mainstay, Ivaylo thrives in the kaleidoscopic hues of club music. Sets that traverse the deep recesses of House to the ephemeral heights of Techno, track a legacy of a producer and DJ who is a fixture in Oslo’s scene. A veteran of the dance floor, Ivaylo’s origin story tracks the beginnings of a burgeoning club music scene in eastern Europe. Today he calls Oslo home where he regularly displays his prowess in the booth as a Jaeger resident DJ and a producer, releasing records for the likes of Full Pupp, Mhost likely and his own Lab Cleaning Jams imprint. When he is not producing or playing music he is working behind the scenes as Jaeger’s official DJ host and label manager for Full Pupp and its various subsidiaries.