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Frædag x Ukraine DJ Marathon

Stanislav Tolchachev | Nastya Muravyova | Danilenko | Serge Jazzmate | Pavel Plastikk | human margareeta | g-HA

After witnessing a year of atrocities at the hand of political tyrants and despots, it’s time to take the power back and stop this senseless war and what better way to do it through its artistic voices. Jaeger and Frædag present an evening with Ukrainian DJs as our effort to continue to place the spotlight on this war in the only way we know how, the music. It’s a peaceful protest of dance and camaraderie with our Ukranian counterparts and we give them full rein of both floors for this Frædag. All proceeds will go to Musicians defend Ukraine.

More information about the charity can be found here: https://shpytal.com/musicians-defend-ukraine/

Sauna: Serge Jazzmate + Pavel Plastikk + human margareeta + g-HA
Diskon: Danilenko + Stanislav Tolchachev + Nastya Muravyova 

#nowar #ukraine #house #techno #techhouse 

ID: 20
Entry: 150kr / free before 22:00

It will be possible to donate extra on the door

Tickets available here

Stanislav Tolchachev 

Stanislav Tolkachev is a techno pioneer from Ukraine. His productions are influenced both by the classic sound of Detroit and the sleek minimalistic tendencies born in Berlin. He is focused on experimentation with textures and psychedelic sounds, taking inspiration from many diverse sources. Tolkachev’s music has been released on many labels, including M_Rec, Semantica, MORD and Geophone.

Nastya Muravyova 

Nastya Muravyova is a rising, yet brightly shining star of Kyiv’s underground scene. She’s balancing on the edge of pumpy 4×4 techno and sharp breakbeat, slightly aggressive and all the way sexy.


Kyiv-based producer and dj, started the career 13 years ago. Creates the music with the help of modular machines. Prefers groovy and classic techno sound while playing dj sets.

Serge Jazzmate

Serge Jazzmate — resident at LOW parties, and frequent guest at ∄ (k41) club and festivals by Closer — he is a rare phenomenon in the Ukrainian electronic scene and built a reputation as a highly regarded DJ over past 18 years.

Pavel Plastikk

Pavel Plastikk from Ukraine is most known for his eclectic sets, having a residency at Closer Kyiv and the major work he’s done for the Ukrainian disco scene. OHe’s played all over Europe at places like Bill Brewster’s Lowlife night at Corsica Studios in London or Aficionado Boat party at Electric Elephant in Croatia. 

human margareeta

human margareeta is a DJ, promoter, and electronic producer from Kyiv, currently displaced in Berlin. She kicked off her career by organising numerous events dedicated to contemporary art, broken rhythms, and experimental music in Kyiv.