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Jaeger pres. Harvey Sutherland (live)

Harvey Sutherland (live)

Harvey Sutherland is back with a new live band and a new album. The Australian disco master and keyboard wizard returns to Jaeger’s stage with his captivating live show. The live band has grown and his repertoire has expanded from those eternal early hits like Brother and Bermuda to his outstanding sophomore LP Boy.  

Harvey Sutherland wrote his debut album Boy in a circular loop between his studio and his psychotherapist. A hypermodern groove, guided by his obsessional traits and habits, ending up in a place he describes as neurotic funk. “Electronic music has that archetype of the brooding, faceless producer”, he says, “I like hacking that, doing the opposite, embracing awkwardness and oversharing”. The award-winning album has been lauded by the likes of Resident Advisor and played on the likes of BBC. 

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Doors 21:00 
On stage 22:00

ID: 20
cc: 250 kr / 295kr

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Harvey Sutherland

The Melbourne-born record producer, keyboard player, club DJ and bandleader made a name amongst his hometown’s electronic underground with a string of cult disco singles and lo-fi cassette funk. Early 12-inches like Bermuda and Priestess were dance records in love with the sound of soul and disco music. But Boy is every bit the real deal. 

His machine grooves are fired through a prism of crate-digging influences, from Todd Rundgren to Basic Channel and back again. His distinctive synthesiser tones have graced remixes and production for Disclosure, Khruangbin, Genesis Owusu and BadBadNotGood. A seasoned performer, he’s taken his live band to Glastonbury, dragged his Juno-60 into Berghain and turned the Melbourne Recital Centre into a full-fledged nightclub for his album launch. He is eclectic, obsessional and groovy. Harvey Sutherland is Neurotic Funk.