Mandagsklubben: ULV + Jennifer Bravo

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André Bravo | Safira | ULV | Jennifer Bravo

Tell me why  you don’t like Mondays. Is it too manic, too blue? We don’t care that Monday’s blue, because Monday looks just fine from our point of view. Mandagsklubben is the oldest serving residency and the only Monday night club concept in Oslo. Mandagsklubben and Jaeger stalwart, André Bravo (Brokesteady) together with new inductee Safira, facilitate a night for those that refuse to conform to the social pressures of 9-5 and the five day week with music and DJs that are the lifeblood of Oslo’s nocturnal hours. Regular guests join the André Bravo and Safira every Monday night, bringing the latest and most urgent club tracks to our booth and beyond.

#techno #trance #highenergy


André Bravo, Jeff Niels and Davidow are Brokesteady. Jaeger’s unwavering Monday night residents have been there since the beginning, come rain or pandemic. With sets that move from Deep House to Big Room Techno, they bring the energy and mood to Monday nights at Jaeger. Individually they’ve made significant marks all over Oslo, but under the Mandagsklubben banner, Brokesteady are the defacto Monday night DJs in the city.


Safira Olsen is breaking the mould in a scene currently dominated by commodity over substance. She is a DJ who arrived out of relative obscurity four years ago and has used her sudden rise in popularity in the booth to facilitate a scene around her through her Extra Delicious events in Oslo. Safira stepped into a DJ booth for the first time at a Mandagsklubben four years ago and has garnered a very intense and dedicated following ever since. She always brings a crowd wherever she plays without much effort and it’s all down to the community she’s built around her and her Extra Delicious concept.