Chris Solaris and Tod Louie

Nightflight x Det Gode Selskab: Thomas Refvik

Thomas Refvik | DGS DJs | MC Kaman & Kash

Det Gode Selskab are back at Jæger for our monthly residency. A history with Jæger that runs deep and a indelible vibe, always deliver the most from Det Gode Selskab  event. Det Gode Selskab continue to be a monolith in late night revelries, putting rave culture back on the map in Oslo. Sold-out events at Det Gamle Biblioteket and Hausmania have seen Det Gode Selskab’s presence explode over the city, with dedicated crowd packing these makeshift venues for these occasional events. Whether playing ferocious 90’s Acid or gurning Techno, Det Gode Selskab cover the entire landscape of club music and club culture.

#house #techno #disco

ID: 20

Sauna: Thomas Refvik + more tba
Basement : MC Kaman & Kash

cc: 180kr / free before 22:00
This event is free for personal assistants with the display of a valid “ledsagerbevis”.

Det Gode Selskab

Det Gode Selskab are an Oslo DJ collective born out of the subterranean depths of a new underground. Thriving off the energy of the people on the dance floor, Det Gode Selskab are known for their potent and vivid events. Whether they are lurching under bridges or in a dusty library, Det Gode Selskab have an innate knack for igniting an incandescent spark on the dance floor, through the music of their peers.

Crowding around the three central figures, Solaris, Tod Louie and Phillip Hinz, Det Gode Selskab collective has expanded to include collaborators like A:G, Dandy Jack and Karl Fraunhofer, individuals that have made a sizeable impact on electronic music in the Norwegian capital and beyond. With a rotating rolodex on call, Det Gode Selskab’s events can go from hi-energy House to dark tumultuous Techno in the space of single a evening with their determined focus always set on the dance floor.

In recent years they’ve channeled this from their events to a label and a mix series with the residents taking pride of place across a slew of records running the gamut of club music.

MC Kaman

A larger than life figure and one of the proprietors of Oslo’s “hard core clubbing” (sic) institution, MC Kaman might play underground, but his sole purpose in life is cultivating a convivial atmosphere. His CD cases quite literally bulge with guilty pleasures and affable arrangements from the charts. There’s no musical taboo that MC Kaman is not willing to accommodate and the music he plays. There is no irony to be found in an MC Kaman set… only a good time in the company of good popular music. MC Kaman POPs!


Kashfa King Gashamura (aka Kash / kash king) is an actor, radio presenter and DJ, who has played a influenced many kyoung Norwegian’s core memories as a Children’s tv host. He’s a familiar face on the Norwegian cultural spectrum and as an actor he’s recognised both on stage and on screen. When he’s not in the public eye, he moonlights as a DJ, making this rare appearance alongside MC Kaman in our booth.