Bella Boo

Nightflight x Sunkissed: Bella Boo

Bella Boo | g-HA & Olanskii | Sunkissed allstars | MC Kaman & Kash

Studio Barnhus sensation Bella Boo join the sunkissed allstars. Sunkissed  has been a bastion of Oslo’s house music scene since time immemorial and in its new home it will continue to invite some of the world’s leading selectors to the concept. Operated by g-HA & Olanskii, Sunkissed has come home in more ways than one at Jaeger. Sunkissed’s kaleidoscopic view to the musical world, which was informed by the personal relationships they’ve forged with their peers, remain a beacon of taste in Oslo and Norway, but where trend informs, g-HA & Olanskii are always a step ahead. Guided by their appreciation for electronic dance music and its roots, they invariably lead the way to new dimensions through their bookings and DJ sets, bringing new sounds to Norway and exporting the sound of Norway to the rest of the world.

#techno #house #disco 

Bella Boo + g-HA & Olanskii + Sunkissed allstars

MC Kaman + Kash


cc: 150kr / free before 22:00
This event is free for personal assistants with the display of a valid “ledsagerbevis”.

Bella Boo

Bella Boo is a Swedish producer and DJ who splits her time between Stockholm and London. After releasing her debut EP *Music Playing* on Parisian imprint Third Try Records, she signed to Studio Barnhus with the dreamy and deep *Fire* record. After some scattered releases, Bella Boo released ger debut LP, “ONCE UPON A PASSION” on studio Barnhus, the label she now calls home. A restless musical figure her creativity is unbound from constraints like genre and style and extending to her DJ sets, Bella Boo remains hard to pin down.

g-HA & Olanskii

Two pivotal bodies in the sphere of Norwegian electronic music, g-HA & Olanskii are an event, a club, a DJ duo, and a musical authority for Norway. Individually adept as DJ, selectors and tastemaker, Ola “Olanskii” Smith-Simonsen and Geir “g-HA” Holger’s musical voices unified for Sunkissed, an events series that has become the backbone of Oslo’s electronic music scene and  beyond.

MC Kaman

A larger than life figure and one of the proprietors of Oslo’s “hard core clubbing” (sic) institution, MC Kaman might play underground, but his sole purpose in life is cultivating a convivial atmosphere. His CD cases quite literally bulge with guilty pleasures and affable arrangements from the charts. There’s no musical taboo that MC Kaman is not willing to accommodate and the music he plays. There is no irony to be found in an MC Kaman set… only a good time in the company of good popular music. MC Kaman POPs!


Kashfa King Gashamura (aka Kash / kash king) is an actor, radio presenter and DJ, who has played a influenced many kyoung Norwegian’s core memories as a Children’s tv host. He’s a familiar face on the Norwegian cultural spectrum and as an actor he’s recognised both on stage and on screen. When he’s not in the public eye, he moonlights as a DJ, making this rare appearance alongside MC Kaman in our booth.