ØyaNatt x Nightflight: Hilit Kolet

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Hilit Kolet | Linda Jenssen | MC Kaman | DJ Kelli Dou

A night of contrasts ensues between the serious echelons of House music and the guilty pleasures of a Saturday night. We conclude our Øya programme with a party as MC Kaman’s Nightflight rounds out the week at Jaeger. Record pusher and underground music head Hilit Kolet comes to the sauna with Linda Jenssen while MC Kaman and DJ Kelli Dou take on duties in the basement. Bringing the roar of the festival week to it’s glorious end, we split the house for this one.

In the well-established tradition of Øya and Jaeger, we take on the nocturnal duties for the annual Øya festival again in 2022. As the grassy knoll in Tøyen park dies down, we coax the sound-systems into life with a week-long line-up featuring some of our favourite and consistently good international guests. The pocket book strings get stretched to the limit for this one. 

ID: 20
Gården22:00 Linda Jenssen
                 01:00 Hilet Kolet [UK/IL]
Diskon22:00 MC Kaman + Dj Kelli Do

#house #breakbeat #disco #electro #pop

cc: 140 with Øya Pass
       200 advance ticket / general admission

Hilet Kollet

DJ to some of London’s most exclusive nights, a classically trained musician and long-time face of Soho’s legendary Black Market Records, Hilit Kolet is no flash-in-the-pan overnight-success. She’s cut her teeth on some of the most demanding dance floors around, and continues to prevail as an underground sensation in and away from London. Known for her hi-octane DJ sets, Hilit’s musical wonderland seamlessly drifts between the extensive and diverse districts of house, techno, disco and electronica. 

Linda Jenssen

Linda Jenssen has made the move back to Oslo. After staking her claim on the Australian DJ circuit for the past 14 years, the Norwegian selector has brought her deep, soulful and melodic sounds back to the colder climes of Oslo and Norway’s dance floors. She’s become a regular fixture on line-ups again, often playing alongside her musical soulmate, Vinny Villbass as ellevill, around Oslo and beyond to places like Reykjavik. 

MC Kaman

A larger than life figure and one of the proprietors of Oslo’s “hard core clubbing” (sic) institution, MC Kaman might play underground, but his sole purpose in life is cultivating a convivial atmosphere. His CD cases quite literally bulge with guilty pleasures and affable arrangements from the charts. There’s no musical taboo that MC Kaman is not willing to accommodate. There is no irony to be found in an MC Kaman set… only a good time in the company of good popular music. MC Kaman POPs!

Dj Kelli Dou

MC Kaman protege, DJ Kelli Dou has been taking the reins from the Jaeger resident on select Saturdays. Playing “Air RnBnB,” she represents the next generation of DJ facilitators coming through the Oslo scene.