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ØyaNatt x Nightflight x Sunkissed: Perel

Perel | g-HA & Olanskii | Vinny Villbass | Ronny Rabalder | Daniel Vaz | Asbjørn E | A:G | MC Kaman & Kash

From a hill in Tøyen to the beating heart of the city, Øya’s nocturnal activities resume at Jaeger yet again in 2024. As the immense din moves in from Oslo’s east end our Funktion One systems burr in anticipation, harmonising with the frequencies transported across ancient ley lines since 1999. Jaeger hosts two floors yet again with Sunkissed taking command of the sauna with Perel and a full-on Sunkissed circus in tow. 

#house #techno #etechhouse #disco

Sauna: Perel + g-HA & Olanskii + Vinny Villbass + Ronny Rabalder + Daniel Vaz + Asbjørn E + A:G
Basement:  MC Kaman & Kash


cc: 150/200kr
This event is free for personal assistants with the display of a valid “ledsagerbevis”. 


For as long as she can remember, Annegret Fiedler has created electronic melodies to soundtrack her daydreams. Drawing on her early love for brooding synth pop and new wave, she became Perel, an electronic producer, vocalist and DJ who spent much of the 2010s shaping her sound – and to just praise. As well as being the first German artist to sign to James Murphy’s seminal dance- punk label DFA Records, Perel has performed internationally as a live act and DJ, from the floors of throbbing techno clubs to major city festivals across Europe. In an ever- evolving club scene with myriad faces, Perel stood out by singing over her DJ sets, bridging the mood of her own live sound with her selections.Her sound has a natural kinship with DFA: cosmic disco basslines undulate as thumping techno synths drive home the message of her hooks and refrains, ghostly vocalisations that speak of romance, dread and power.


Sunkissed is a clubbing institution in Oslo. Since time immemorial it’s been the city’s connection to the electronic music scene, bringing DJs, live acts and labels to Norway’s clubbing community, as well as exporting some of Norway’s finest to the rest of the world. Berghain, Fabric, Robert Johnson and even the BBC have hosted Sunkissed parties abroad while the likes of LCD Soundsystem, Richie Hawtin and Ricciardo Villalobos number among their alumni. g-HA & Olanskii alongside Vinny Villbass, Ronny Rabalde, Daniel Vaz, Asbjørn E, A:G and Coltsfoot makeup this ever-evolving collective today, where they’ve made their new home at Jaeger in 2023.  

MC Kaman

A larger than life figure and one of the proprietors of Oslo’s “hard core clubbing” (sic) institution, MC Kaman might play underground, but his sole purpose in life is cultivating a convivial atmosphere. His CD cases quite literally bulge with guilty pleasures and affable arrangements from the charts. There’s no musical taboo that MC Kaman is not willing to accommodate and the music he plays. There is no irony to be found in an MC Kaman set… only a good time in the company of good popular music. MC Kaman POPs!


Kashfa King Gashamura (aka Kash / kash king) is an actor, radio presenter and DJ, who has played a influenced many kyoung Norwegian’s core memories as a Children’s tv host. He’s a familiar face on the Norwegian cultural spectrum and as an actor he’s recognised both on stage and on screen. When he’s not in the public eye, he moonlights as a DJ, making this rare appearance alongside MC Kaman in our booth.