Romjulsfestivalen: Boogienetter

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After a year on sabbatical, we’re pleased to announce Romjulsfestivalen is back on Jaeger’s calendar! This winter solstice provides a much-needed reason for celebration and romjul provides the platform with the return of our trusted lineup. We return to old traditions, in a week-long program that absconds from the stale routines of christmas to get back to something a little more primitive, closer to the rituals and celebrations of our pagan forefathers. 

The lure of a hollow drum entices us to the dance floor as the Diskon and Gården thump, thump with the excitement of the post-christmas meleé. Shaking off memories of a year, best forgotten, we’re heading into the week with an unusual abundance of seasonal cheer. It’s another Romjulsfestivalen at Jaeger featuring the usual suspects, including Øyvind Morken, Boogienetter, Skranglejul and Svømmebasseng.

As is tradition… Boogienetter bring their eclectic diorama of Boogie and Disco and all things dance music to Jæger to ease us back into the post-christmas pre-New Years blow-out reality. The Booginetter crew bring their vast collective musical knowledge to Jæger’s two floors in the spirit of Jaeger’s ongoing pursuit to pay tribute to dance music’s origins. Featuring some of the usual suspects like Fredfades and Hele Fitta, Boogienetter play us out of 2021 in true digger fashion. Playing a selection of classics and rarities the Boogienetter DJs provide the  soundtrack for stepping through the lethargic boxing day lul toward the new

Gården + Diskon
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