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ØyaNatt: Marcel Dettmann + Finnebassen

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Marcel Dettmann | Little Miss Lucifer | Finnebassen | Ole HK & Normann

The man is back. Ostgut /Berghain mainstay Marcel Dettmann is back at Jaeger, doing what he does best, Techno. In the well-established tradition of Øya and Jaeger, we take on the nocturnal duties for the annual Øya festival again in 2022. As the grassy knoll in Tøyen park dies down, we coax the sound-systems into life with a week-long line-up featuring some of our favourite and consistently good international guests. The pocket book strings get stretched to the limit for this one. Local loyal Techno agent and record pushed, Little Miss Lucifer joins the big man in the basement, while it’s Thursday as usual in our Sauna as Finnebassen and Ole HK and Normann take care of duties in our back yard.

ID: 20
Gården22:00 Finnebassen+ Ole HK +Normann
Diskon23:00 Little Miss Lucifer
                  01:00 Marcel Dettmann [DE]

#techno #techno #techno

cc: 140 with Øya Pass
200 advance ticket / general admission

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Marcel Dettmann

Ostgut, Berghain, Berlin and Marcel Dettmann. Those things have become synonymous with Techno.. A looming figure in both stature and symbol, Marcel Dettmann is nothing short of an icon today. He played a fundamental role in establishing the popularity of Berghain when it was still known as Ostgut, and today he is a highly sought-after DJ and selector. While Techno remains at the core of his pursuits, it’s Dettmann’s all-encompassing attitude to the genre, ranging from the origins of those first wavy beats of the eighties to the demanding reaches of modern House music, that makes him such a formidable figure in the scene. 

Little Miss Lucifer

Luciana is known to many as the HS-Chick(HS-Dama). After standing in faithful service for the Norwegian rave- and club-scene for many years as a vinyl pusher at HS Records, she eventually traded the counter for a pair of 1210s. Using her knack for finding musical jewels that you never knew existed, she turned to her own record bag. Luciana is ​​sure to keep us informed and inspired, and with a record collection to die for she continues in her faithful service of Norway’s rave- and club scene. 


Leaving his teenage genre hopping days behind him, 2008 saw a house music epiphany, as a deep rooted interest in electronic music began, bringing Finnebassen to the sound he relays today. Although he has been producing music and playing gigs in his hometown of Oslo for a long time, 2012 saw his first releases, which gained huge support and landed him at the top of the beatport charts. You will regularly find Finnebassen touring the world; he has played to crowds from Europe to Asia, and Australia to the USA.


A DJ avoiding the ubiquitous producer title, Normann is defining his sound from the booth with sets for the likes of Villa and Jaeger. With foundations built on the minimal traditions, Normann bounces between elements of Deep House and Tech House, focusing on cold atmospheric mood building through the set.

Ole HK

A rising star on Oslo’s DJ circuit, Ole HK has been a regular favourite at Jaeger. Associations with the sous-vide records crew, Finnebassen and Normann, sees Ole regular play amongst the city’s elite clubs and concepts, and at Jaeger he can often be found playing on Thursdays. Ole has a penchant for the minimal sounds that lean toward Techno and the deeper side of House, but can be heard playing across the board.