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M.A.D. Mona Blanchard + Axel FU + Dara Woo

Axel FU | Dara Woo | Mona Blanchard 

M.A.D goes long on the eve of Labour days 2024 with a DJ marathon of friends.  Mona Blanchard, Axel FU and Dara Woo are M.A.D. When a Tuesday goes off the rails there’s a trio of DJs at the controls. The weekend’s official post-mortem gets a new lease on life as Mona Blanchard, Axel FU and Dara Woo take back Tuesdays. Transplanting the original Frensday concept to its new home, a few of Jaeger’s nearest and dearest join the residents for this weekly jaunt through House and Techno’s more provocative corners. Featuring the next generation and ever-changing roll-call of DJs, M.A.D. Tuesdays’ residents and guests carry the torch forward.

Sauna: Mona Blanchard + Axel FU + Dara Woo + guests

#house #techno

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Mona Blanchard

Mona might still be in the infancy of her DJ career, but she’s started making serious waves in Oslo’s clubbing milieu. Appearances at the likes of  Oslo Vélo, Trekanten, Storgata 26, Jæger, Kafetaria August and Revolver has established her presence. Her style combines fast rhythms with an open approach to genre where  jungle, hyperpop, ghetto-tech and house sit side by side, playing her favourite songs, songs that make her vibrate at a hectic BPM fate. Expect an eclectic set.

Axel FU

Axel FU is part of the next generation of DJs coming through in Oslo’s scene. With ties to the likes of Flux and an integral part of the Jaeger Family, he has started making a serious mark on Oslo’s scene. between Oslo and Bergen, he, along with some key individuals, has helped establish the underground to the foreground of Oslo and Norway’s clubbing community.

Dara Woo

Dara Woo is a Jaeger fixture. Whether behind the bar or on the dance floor, she is part of the foundation of the club and in recent times she’s been a force to reckon with in Jaeger’s booth. Part of Oslo’s Techno brigade, her sets are ruthless and determined. She’s been a lynchpin at Jaeger since its very early days as a guest, a member of staff and most recently a DJ.

She’s channelled her entire experience of the dance floor through this latest pursuit and has already garnered a following around Oslo, playing places like Jaeger and a fair few distinguished venues and parties over the course of the last year.