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Badabing: Sommerfeldt + Casablanca 303

Sommerfeldt | Casablanca 303 | Daniel Vaz

Badabing is back on home soil, back in the sauna and back on Wednesday night after the longest of absences. The full fledged label and club concept celebrate their artist Sommerfeldt. With tendencies that err on the provocative side of House and a guest list that favours the true underground heroes of this genre, Vinny Vilbass’ and Daniel Vaz’ Badabing nights cater to undetermined dancers on the floor, providing foot-food well into early hours of the morning. 

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Sommerfeldt + Vinny Villbass + Daniel Vaz



Marius Sommerfeldt is back! Not that he ever went anywhere. One half of De Fantastiske To, and popular proliferator of House, Disco and Garage is on a new tip recently. With records on paper recordings and badabing hot off the presses, the producer has been busy. He hasn’t been in the booth since his seminal UKG night, Løkka FM stopped appearing at Jaeger, and makes his appearance with more records on the way.

Casablanca 303

Alejandro also known by his artist name Casablanca 303 (2014), is a multi-talented artist from Bogotá based in Oslo. He is a graphic designer and music producer. He also sings, plays guitar, bass guitar and synths. Casablanca 303 specializes in house and deep house music, in which he incorporates subtle elements from jazz, world music, krautrock, disco and other electronic genres. His unique sound has earned him a reputation as an innovative and exciting artist.

Vinny Villbass

One of the most pivotal figures in Oslo’s DJ community, there is no current narrative in Oslo’s electronic music scene where the name Vinny Villbass could be negated. A producer, artist, sound guru and DJ, if it involves music, Vinny Villbass is somehow involved. He’s an accomplished recording artist with releases on Eskimo and Beatservice and some of his other accolades include working with the experimental electronic artist Pantha Du Prince. He occupies a variety of related positions in electronic music from the studio to behind the curtain and it all culminates in his experience as a DJ. A selector with a penchant for vinyl, whose skills can very easily be adapted for the live set, Vinny Villbass is a versatile performer. He inhabits a special place at Jæger at his regular Badabing events, transporting the listener through a maelstrøm of electronic sounds with the help of Daniel Vaz. Calling on friends like Pêrel, Justin Strauss, Fantastic Man and Marius Circus to facilitate an evening of reckless abandon at Jæger, Vinny Villbass and Badabing perpetuate the last of the cosmic sounds of Norway and beyond.

Daniel Vaz

Daniel Vaz has been a pillar in so many corners of Oslo’s clubbing milieu. A DJ for the sake of being only a DJ, his associations run the gamut with ties to Sunkissed, Badabing, Oslo Clubcast and many more. He’s played every significant venue in town and when he is not DJing he is working behind the scenes in the service to other DJs and producers. Through his efforts with Badabing he’s established a label called badabing Diskos with his compatriot Vinny Villbass and it has already started making waves around the scene.