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Tech | Fjell | Drunkfunk | Simon Peter 

Man dem in the yard… the backyard. The Bigup crew stretch the limits of the subwoofers through an onslaught of Drum n Bass and Jungle. From the tempered tones of liquid to the raucous rhythms of Jungle, the Bigup boys are the first and last name for everything Drum N Bass in Oslo. Representing the past, present and future of the high-energy rhythmical music for the last generation to the next.

Sauna: Tech + Fjell + Drunkfunk + Simon Peter

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Bigup is a multigenerational DJ collectiv with deep roots in the Oslo dnb and jungle scene.  Hitting the dancefloor with heavy basslines, rolling rhythms and syncopated breaks – the Bigup nights are guaranteed to take you on a journey through time from the atmospheric jungle of the early 90s to the futuristic grooves of contemporary drumandbass.
Bigup consists of Tech, Fjell, Drunkfunk and Simon Peter. Four DJ’s with each their own style and groove, from vinyl to digital, from early jungle to the many modern subgenres of drum&bass. Coming up through Oslo’s club scene since 2018, Bigup has found their home at Jaeger where they since 2020 push the subs to their limit.