Faux Majeure

Faux Majeure: Martin Kopperud Sondre Torkelsen

Martin Kopperud (Also Known As) | Sondre Torkelsen (frkvns)

Wednesdays at Jaeger are our testing ground for new concepts and those outlier club sounds that defy the norm. From Drum n Bass to Techno it’s a night where anything goes and gets us over that midweek slump with a cacophony of Oslo’s latest and established DJs from the sauna. It’s Jaeger’s lab, where residents and guests alike conjure sounds from the vast expanse of the dance floor. Faux Majeure is the latest addition to this lineup, as a new concept and representing the next generation of DJs cultivating a voice in House music in Norway. 

#house #techno

Faux Majeure

Faux Majeure is a “fersk” DJ-duo comprised of Martin Kopperud from Also Known As and Sondre “Presten” Torkelsen from frkvns.  Their tastes converge in an  eclectic blend of House, Techno and Hip Hop directed towards the dance floor. With acute cultural reference points, they channel the history of  House music through their sets and have established a dynamic and uncompromising event series in that vein.