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ØyaNatt x Bigup x 30 Years of Metalheadz

Grooverider | Dillinja | Dubwoofa | Drunkfunk | Fjell | Tech | Simon Peter

From a hill in Tøyen to the beating heart of the city, Øya’s nocturnal activities resume at Jaeger yet again in 2024. As the immense din moves in from Oslo’s east end our Funktion One systems burr in anticipation, harmonising with the frequencies transported across ancient ley lines since 1999. Jaeger hosts two floors yet again with a visit from Drum n Bass legends Metalheadz who celebrate 30 years with Grooverider and Dillinja. Oslo’s drum n bass champions, Bigup host the legends with Dubwoofa joining the crew for this momentous night.

#drumnbass #dubstep #jungle

Sauna: Dubwoofa + Drunkfunk + Fjell + Tech + Simon Peter
Basement: Grooverider + Dillinja


cc: 150/200kr
This event is free for personal assistants with the display of a valid “ledsagerbevis”. 


Ask anyone in drum’n’bass what first inspired them to make music and Grooverider’s name is sure to crop up. Not only has he notched up an incredible twelve years behind the decks, DJing everywhere from dingy illegal warehouse parties to huge outdoor festivals, but his legendary radio shows with longtime companion Fabio (first for Kiss FM and now Radio One FM) helped spread the gospel of drum’n’bass further and further afield. As resident at seminal London night Rage throughout its four year stint at Heaven, he personally oversaw dance music’s evolution from acid house to techno and finally drum’n’bass.


Drum and Bass has had its share of stand-out producers over the years but only a few can lay claim to possessing such a truly influential, innovative and ever-evolving sound as Dillinja. Dillinja is a prolific producer and artist within the jungle and drum and bass scene. Since 1991, Dillinja has produced a number of tracks under both that and other aliases such as Suburban Knight, Cybotron, Trinity, Capone, Basic Influence, and The Specialist. Still bringing the Valve sound to club nights and events across the now highly evolved international Drum and Bass scene via DJ format, Dillinja is still a name recognised not only in the scene he helped define from 97′, but across the entire Dance genre and has been for nearly three decades. 


As a gnarly, spacious derivative of garage and dub bubbled away in London’s dimly lit clubs, few producers can claim to have been involved as heavily in the genres’ ascendance to its position as the most significant movement in UK electronic music as Dubwoofa.
Gaining notoriety for his use of ghostly percussion and exceptional reductionism, via his involvement with seminal label Dub Police and through frequent appearances on stations like BBC Radio 1Xtra, Rinse FM and Scion AV, Dubwoofa gradually became one such imperative figure in the emergence of dubstep. Still inspired by the macabre behaviours of humanity as well as by concepts of nature and occultism, the Norwegian has quietly continued to produce his unique take on a sound which is still deeply rooted in UK dubstep.


Bigup is a multigenerational DJ collectiv with deep roots in the Oslo dnb and jungle scene.  Hitting the dancefloor with heavy basslines, rolling rhythms and syncopated breaks – the Bigup nights are guaranteed to take you on a journey through time from the atmospheric jungle of the early 90s to the futuristic grooves of contemporary drumandbass. Bigup consists of Tech, Fjell, Drunkfunk and Simon Peter. Four DJ’s with each their own style and groove, from vinyl to digital, from early jungle to the many modern subgenres of drum&bass.