Toalettkollektivet: Foufou Malade + Terella +++

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Foufou Malade | Terella | Bruce Lillis | Nattlampe

Toalettkollektivet return to Jaeger and the sauna for another midweek romp through the kosmische fringes of House and Techno. The artists behind Toalettkollektivet present an excursion into Disco-House and funky basslines through unknown records with familiar 90s vibes. When they are not in the lavatory laboratory, foufou malade and Terrella are usually found at raves, binging  on the best of club music in Oslo.

Clubbing in a pandemic

Covid-19 regulations are still in effect and we’re operating under shorter opening times, under a limited capacity with seating room only. Table service is in effect, and facemasks are obligatory whenever not seated at your table.  We encourage you to arrive early to avoid the queue and ensure a prime spot.

foufou malade (FR/DE)
Léo aka foufou malade is a producer/ DJ, based in Oslo. His house sets and productions are a wild force, reflective of his alias. In 2018, he founded Toalettkollektivet with Terrella with the aim of providing the purest for and from the underground rave scene. He has previously played at venues such as Naboens Technokjeller, Elefant, Kvarteret, on Radio Nova, and at Octane festival.

Terrella (NO)

Terrella is a producer and DJ based in Bergen, Norway.
Since childhood, Terrella has always been fascinated by art and science, as well as the spiritual and hypnotic aspects of music. His productions are a marriage between art, technology, science and what’s beyond; A combination of all the things he loves. Terrella is a resident at Kvarteret, where he hosts techno events.