In the booth with Ivaylo

Beyond the glistening electronic particles colliding in the audible frequency spectrum, a burbling creek of rhythms tumble over each other in slow motion, refracting the dusty reflections of a synthesised organism into the atmosphere. A languid, pulsing humidity clouds a dense forest of sounds, with irregular peaks jutting out into the upper edge of the unattainable heights of the clouds, for fleeting glimpses of melodic arrangements. Digital noise like micro-organisms gather around any semblance of life as they form a subtle quilt of sound.

In the absence of the Jæger mix this week, due to some unforeseen circumstances, Jæger mix resident Ivaylo steps up to the challenge to soundtrack our weekend ahead. Pacing gently through the abstract landscape of ambient music and broken beat, he sets a somber tone through the hour long mix recorded in our basement last Sunday.