Ivaylo lands on Cassy’s Kwench

Ivaylo joins Jay Tripwire and more on the Fusion compilation for Cassy’s Kwench label.

Ivaylo has been busy. After releasing some new music with Slammer for Cymawax and while he’s prepping a bunch of releases for a myriad of labels, he’s headed over to Cassy’s Kwench records for the label’s new compilation series, Fusion. He is in good company amongst the likes of Avision, Jay Tripwire, Hector Moralez, Paco Wegmann, Pete Moss, Onur Özman, Sisto & Jack District.

Ivaylo adds the deepness with “Marcel’s Vista” on this House compilation, with some female vocals and elongated pads filling out the looping, bass and kick theme. Hats and shakers sparkle over the top amongst the wispy textures as Ivaylo gives us a space to breathe in amongst the more energetic tracks  from his peers.

It’s available today via Beatport.