Listen back to Borusiade & Charlotte Bendiks for Cómeme at Jæger

This weekend saw Borusiade & Charlotte Bendiks close off Øya Natt at Jæger and the two Cómeme affiliates brought a rainbow of colour to our backyard, digging deep for tracks in which function only ever only follows form. Luckily we were able to hit the record button just before their set and got everything from Charlotte Bendiks’ playing Rekid’s “Lost Star 6” to Borusiade signing off Ghibli’s “I’m looking for you”. It was a great testament to the Cómeme label   It was such a fitting end to a great weekend and for those that were on the dance floor till the end, urging the DJs for one more track, and for those that were there on any of the other days, this one is for you.