Mix of the Week – Tod Louie

Tod Louie surprises with this new profile mix for Det Gode Selskab. An exotic mix with traces of organic instruments tracing a line through familiar club arrangements, this mix finds Tod Louie in a reflective, meditative disposition. Counterpointing percussive rhythms weave through seductive melodies and haunting backdrops with a lethargic, often invisible 4/4 counting out the mix in the background. “It’s a listening mix, you can have in the background,” he says in the accompanying Q&A  …”But it will also make you dance.”

Tod Louie is a central figure in Det Gode Selskab collective, a clubbing institution and a label that moves between their weekly Sunday night residency in our subterranean dance floor at Jæger to the various open-air club concepts in they operate all over the city. In the first DGS release Tod Louie joins Karl Fraunhofer and Solaris for an interpretation of A:G’s The Nose in his first attempt at  production, and embarks on the next phase of his career, that begins and ends with his admiration and curiosities in the booth.

You can read the full Q&A with Tod Louie over on the soundcloud page and catch him every Sunday at Jæger for Det Gode Selskab.