JM#008 – Oskar Pask

Oskar Pask, our Frædag resident and Skranglejazz amalgam arrived with the quiet fortitude of a DJ in complete control of his actions. He took to our sauna with immense ease and faded in András’ Soy Boy through of our system at 120 BPM with quiet determination. As if some unspoken psychic connection was triggered an audience almost immediately started flowing into our courtyard with Oskar taking us to the deeper echelons of House music. the Theme of Oskar’s set was expressed through the subtle elongated chords of electric pianos and pads spilling over4/4 beats evolving with the fluidity of the different phrases. He gave us a sneak peak of a Friday night at Jæger when Oniricho’s Echo broke into an acid line of immense proportion, but only for a moment before falling back onto the reserved expressive movements of sensual pads and composed synths. Oskar Pask is a fairly new edition still to our Frædag line-up, but with this edition of  Jæger mix his given us conclusive evidence that a Frædag residency is only ever complete with Oskar accounted for.