JM#035 – Ivaylo

It had been brought to our attention that we have yet to feature a Jæger Mix with its resident Ivaylo, and when Kim Dürbeck had to reschedule his Æmix appearance, it was pure kismet. It comes at fortuitous time too, just when Ivaylo and Bogota records are about to release an upcoming EP from Usmev featuring Camilla Luna and two new, long-overdue original tracks from the label head Ivaylo.

Ivaylo launches into his episode of the Æmix with the first cut from his upcoming record, and embarks on a deep colourful journey through the evocative spaces of House music in true Ivaylo-style for the rest of the mix. Where the deep opens up to the luminescence of its furthest reaches, you’ll find Ivaylo trawling the sub-bass frequencies in the ebb of visceral waves of textures as they flow through reserved tempos. Where the deep is abound with life and light, Ivaylo communicates a mood and feeling through his personalised edits and productions and the music of others.