JM#065 – Nordiks

Sparkling melodic objects glisten in the wake of a skipping electro beat with a Reedale Rise track commencing Nordiks’ session in our booth for this week’s Jæger Mix. Nordiks hangs on to the track by tooth and nail before ebbing into his comfort zone, moving back into a corner where Tech/Deep House prevails as common denominator. Slipping in and out of beatific melodic passages through beat-bass arrangements that seem to fall off the edge of the world, Nordiks crafts a apathetic Sunday mood in his mix. Passages of quietude counterpoint 4/4 kicks in a calm dynamic wave that laps listlessly against the shores of House music through the DJ’s introspective session.

Nordiks is of course one part of Osloground, the online mix series, who together with sunkissed resident A:G and Thorgerdur Johanna have brought some of Oslo’s most hyped DJs to the fore. Nordiks is the DJ alias of Moroccan-born, Oslo-native Karim and alongside the likes of A:G, he has been a permanent installation in the DJ Oslo DJ community since the mid 2000’s. Influenced by the likes of David Morales, Hernan Cattaneo, Steve Lawler, Kerri Chandler, Ron Trent, Sven Vath, Villalobos and Carl Cox, Nordiks’ tastes in electronic music reach far and wide and in this edition of the Jæger mix, he calls on some key points in those influences. 

Give us an introduction
 Well I’m Karim, half Moroccan & Norwegian. I’m 31 and currently living in Oslo. Music became something essential to me , something I need to escape the daily routine, to give me some energy or to simply feel better, and it works!
What is your earliest memory of a piece of music?
 That’s a good question. If we talk music in general I would said Michael Jackson, I became a big fan of him in the early 90’s. When it comes to Electronic Music, I’m not sure what was first track exactly but David Morales – Needin’ U was one of the tracks that pushed me to be more curious about electronic music. At that time Internet just started to appear in Morocco, so all the music culture came essentially from the Television with channels like “VIVA”.
What sound or genre do you feel represents what you try to do through your selections?
 Well, I don’t think I try to represent a special sound for the simple reason that music evolves all the time. Sometimes we are influenced by a genre or a type of “sound” that is  popular because many DJ’s play that style or because producers try to create something with the same “vibe”. I don’t think it’s a bad thing, but it’s important to play what you like.
What do you consider your role as DJ should be?
 The Dj is an artist & entertainer, he is the guardian of the club. Finding music that stands out from the masses and makes people dance while sharing a beautiful smile. Sharing your emotions trough music is something special, cause you never know what you’re gonna end up with. Take also into consideration that your mood is not the same from day to day and this is what is so beautiful.
What was the theme of your mix?
 If I could choose a movie title to describe it that would be ” Cosmic Voyage ” I was into the “deep vibe” – When hearing the mix again I’m like “oooooh that was a special trip / journey” it’s like you’re sitting in a rollercoaster full of emotions and don’t know what’s gonna hit you next.
Which track in your Æmix best represents the theme of your mix and why?
Well first I was telling myself – Damn that was a tough one ! (As I like all the tracks I played) But then I did remember that a track got my attention, I was dancing non stop from start to end when I put that record on: Alton Miller & Urban Farmers ‎– Lolita (The Rhubarb Triangle Mix)
What do you hope your Æmix relays to the listener?
I hope the listener will enjoy the mix I did. I had no idea what I was going to play or how. So it’s 100% based on feelings & emotions. I hope for those who don’t know me yet will enjoy and hear something maybe new to their ears. And for those who knows me well ,  I hope I surprised you guys !
What’s next for you after this mix?
A lot of things are happening now for the moment. I got the “OsloGround Night” @ The Villa at the end of October with Thorgerdur Johanna & Asgeir. For the second event we invited Giuliano Lomonte which is a very talented DJ & Producer and I’m sure more people will hear about him in the following years. I’m also getting ready to play back in Morocco in the next months and it’s been a while now, can’t wait for that. Thanks for having me, it was a pleasure to play! Nordiks